Lynch Family Reunion- Part 5

More on my family reunion...

My cousin Kelly and I are related by my mother and her father (siblings).  This is Elaine, her mom's sister.  In West Virginia everyone is family, so I thought for many years growing up that Bunny was my aunt too.  It was so good to see her and Ms. Cutlip again!  Poor Aunt Bunny looks in pain with me sitting on her lap... but I promise she wasn't.  I was really holding my weight.  hehe

Bye Aunt Bunny... love you bunches!!!

Then we were off to meet with some of the family at the Custard Stand; a very popular place with the locals.  :)

This is where my mom and dad met years ago... well back then, a dance hall stood here. As the story goes... people would slowly clear the floor to watch my mom and dad dance.  Apparently they were quite the couple.

After lunch, we drove out to 4-H Camp Ceasar in the Monongahela National Forest in Cowen, WV. I loved this place and it's still as gorgeous as ever.

I tried to get a picture of the Rhododendron bushes.  They were one of the first plants I learned about as a child.  It's the state flower of WV.

While my cousin visited with old friends, I layed down to rest of the lush green grass and fell asleep listening to running water and the birds sing.

Oh, what a Beautiful Day!!!

Before meeting back up with family for dinner that evening, we made a trip out to the Elk River that ran in front of my Grandmother's old home "down in the hotel bottom".

I love how they describe locations here. It just makes me smile.

I collected a few rocks from the river that my cousin mailed to my home for me. only 1 of 5 made it to Dallas without damage. Can you believe it? The USPS broke a ROCK in shipment. Amazing.... uugh.

The river was low for this time of the year so I waded out and sat on the big rock and dangled my feet in the water while little minnows nibbled at my toes as I did so many times as a child.

Then it was back to Summersville to have dinner with family...

Here's the "cousins" group picture.  
Of course there are so many cousins not present and we sure missed them all.

Then back to the hotel in Summersville to sit in the lobby and chat a while... 

 and THERE was my sweet cousin Donna (on Daddy's side of the family) waiting in our hotel lobby for us to return from dinner.  She had been waiting all evening, bless her heart.  
Poor Donna, but I'm so glad she did.

I couldn't hug her neck hard enough!!!  Love you so much Donna!!!

And that was my trip to my family reunion. 

It was back to TN for a couple of days and then flew home.  I was so sad to leave West Virginia, but am so tremendously grateful for the opportunity to see family again and revisit the locations of so many of my fondest childhood memories.

Big Bear Hugs to my Gammy's House virtual neighbors!!

Hope you make wonderful memories today!

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Make it a Beautiful Day!

Arriving in (Addison) Webster Springs- Lynch Family Reunion Part 4

My cousin and I headed out from Summersville to visit a few places we haven't seen since we were children.  One afternoon we headed out to visit grandma's old house across the Elk river in "the hotel bottom".  

Webster Springs is completely surrounded by mountains and I love the drive down into the valley.

My grandmother's house was right across the road from the river.  The out of commission railroad tracks are just on the other side of the river but have been completely swallowed up by the mountain fauna that you can't even see it across the street now.  I remember as a child watching the train go by and waving at the conductor from the river bank.

Arriving into Webster Springs.
My pictures didn't come out so I borrowed from the web. 

The Visitors Center is the first building on the left and Kelly (my cousin) and I stopped in to do a little souvenir shopping in the fantastic local arts and crafts shop, but we ran into one of her elementary teachers and chatted instead.

I think they changed their name back to Addison again or perhaps the town never adopted (Webster Springs).  Either way, it's the same place.

Most of the suspension bridges have been long torn down.  
I was hoping to walk across the one at my grandmother's place, but it wasn't there anymore.

This one is still standing, but I'm not sure I'd want to walk across it.

One more reunion post tomorrow.

Hugs to all my Gammy's House virtual neighbors!

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Make it a Beautiful Day!

Scotts Depot, West Virginia- Family Reunion Part 3

I realize I didn't tell you all who was in the last reunion post... so here they are ...
in their youth and now.

Uncle Ed (blue), Uncle Exel (green). Aunt Alberta (yellow), my mom, Agnes (red)
Isn't this a great picture of my mom's family when they were young?!  This was taken in the early 40's.

Here's the old white house (up above) as it stands today in Cherry Falls.

I've visited some of the area where my mom grew up, but I was too young to remember it, so it was a treat to revisit my mom's childhood locations on this trip.

Have you seen the latest from my studio?

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Make it a Beautiful Day!