ArtsGoggle 2014 Art Show

"ArtsGoggle 2014, A Near Southside Experience" was just THAT!!  What an experience!!

It started out cold and windy and I was afraid that being located off the main road was going to hinder exposure, but thanks to my quick thinking vendor neighbors, Harriet & Paul Harral of Harral Crafts, a sign was quickly erected on the main street corner directing traffic to our booths.  Thanks so much Paul and Harriet.  You saved the day!!

Paul & Harriett Harral of Harral Crafts.  What a sweet couple!!!

Gammy's little "cuties", my jewelry display cards stole the show again.  When I realized that my booth sponsor was Kay of Fifth Avenue Eyewear; a family owned business that specializes in childrens eyewear, I just had to add eyewear to my little cuties.

You will soon be able to purchase them sporting my cute little girl jewelry line at Kay's shop at 1223 5th Avenue in Near Southside, a quaint little artsy community located just south of downtown Fort Worth.  They also specialize in vintage eyewear and the coolest hand painted frames!!  

You'll love Kay's shop!!
Drop in sometime when you get a chance!  

Thank you so much to all the shoppers that stopped at my booth for making 
ArtsGoggle 2014 such a FUN show!!

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Big Bear Hugs!!!

Have You Seen These Girls!!

No, they aren't missing, so you won't see their faces on milk cartons.  They're part of my new jewelry line display.

Tammy's Little Cuties

... and watch for my next post with my October Show Schedule where you can purchase these little cuties.

This might help

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Make it a Beautiful Day!

I Couldn't Ask For More...

Last Saturday I was out at The PantegoFest 2014.  What a great show!  

Several customers requested t-shirts which of course, I didn't sell... that is until I saw a shirt print shop in the shopping strip where our vendor booths were set up.  I ran over real quick to secure an arrangement and within 20 minutes or less... I was selling t-shirts!

Don't you love it when things like that happens?!!

Here's what's going on in the studio:

See it here:

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Big Bear Hugs!!